every piece is handmade
by nature
ancient techniques


The jewels in the GM collections are unique creations by Giuliana Michelotti. Inspired by the tribal and ethnic traditions of Asia and Africa, the designs are bold, modern and sculptural. Each piece exudes time and age: uncut, natural stones are worn by rain and sand; metals gain a patina that is entirely personal. Giuliana invented a new practice to interpret an ancient technique from India, with the distinct imprint of the artist, combining hand-molded wax and pure silver. The result are light and easy to wear jewels: uniqe, inspired and ethnic.

 “A woman adorned by Giuliana Michelotti is proud and tribal like a primitive queen, new and ancient like a ritual scupture, strong and sensual like a time eroded rock.”
Cristina Morozzi

The collection

“I start to create sculptures and then I created jewels,  I try to do something different, I do everything in my way”

Giuliana Michelotti

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