About us


Giuliana Michelotti was born in Italy and has traveled extensively on both professional and personal journeys.

She studied psychology and foreign literatures, but finally opted for a field that could nourish her aesthetic passions, her creativity and her wanderlust: fashion, jewelry, and home design.  For the last twenty years she has collaborated with leading international design firms, including Anne Klein, Swarovsky, Gianfranco Ferré, Jenny, Valentino, Versace, Dolce + Gabbana, Lacroix. She has traveled around the world, especially in Asia, to research and acquire materials, to discover techniques and to study design traditions. In 1995 she launched her own line of jewelery and home accessories: GM Collections. Her unique designs have grown in range and notoriety, and are now in exclusive stores around the world. Her work has been the subject of several gallery exhibitions.

Giuliana  shares her time between Italy and New York, but her spirit of travel often bring her to far away lands.